General Terms and Conditions

Please read the attached Terms and Conditions of SMH Design Ltd.

*Prices are displayed at each item of SMH Design Ltd.
*Delivery charges are displayed at each item of SMH Design Ltd.
*Relevant tax charges will apply to cross border trade.

Payment Terms

*Method of payment is by PayPal.
*All items are paid for in advance including alteration and bespoke services.
*When all relevant payments have been received by SMH Design Ltd sale of item is confirmed.


*Delivery is by Royal Mail.
*Allow 5-7 days for preparation of product before dispatch.
*Items in the UK are usually delivered using the next day delivery method postal service, Monday to Friday, items bought at the weekend may take longer to deliver.
*Events outwith the control of SMH Design Ltd may affect dispatch and delivery times.

Cancellations and Returns

Exceptions Notes -

1.Once work has commenced on a bespoke or handmade product the commission cannot be cancelled nor can money be refunded.
2.Once work has commenced on an item of clothing for alteration the commission cannot be cancelled nor can money be refunded.

*SMH Design Ltd will ask for your receipt from us as proof of purchase.
*SMH Design Ltd only have to accept returns from the person who bought them.
*You have a right to cancel goods within 7 calendar days of receiving them. SMH Design Ltd will then refund your money within 30 days if the Cancellations and Returns section of the General Terms and Conditions Policy is adhered to.
*For all cancellations the initial inner cover of the item must remain unopened and the product intact. If there is damage to either the initial cover or the product or the initial cover is opened, then SMH Design Ltd will not refund any money as item is identified as sold.

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

*SMH Design Ltd have Bridesmaid Dress Alterations Terms and Conditions (supplied at time of estimate or quote) that will apply once a customer accepts SMH Design Ltd estimate or quote in addition to the General Terms and Conditions.

Visiting Artists and Crafts People

*Visiting Artists and Crafts People use the same payment system as SMH Design Ltd.
*Contact details can by found in the Visiting Artists and Crafts People Gallery section.


SMH Design Ltd waiver their rights if they choose to do so, however this does not mean it is a waiver of their rights to enforce their terms and conditions on a future occasion.


Scottish law applies.